Academy of Holistic

Theology & Spirituality

Offering quality progressive, inter-spiritual, and holistic higher education
to ministers, para-ministers, church staff, and lay leaders.
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Professor Rev. Lori Johnson, MS

Rev. Erwin-Johnson is an ordained minister who was ordained by First Congregational Church of Tacoma (FCC). FCC is a member of the National Association of Congregational Christian Churches.             READ MORE

Who are we?

Professor Rev. Dr. William Greaver

About the Academy of Holistic Theology & Spirituality

The Academy of Holistic Theology & Spirituality (AHTS) is a progressive, inter-spiritual, and holistic based center for higher learning that works to educate and assist in the development of forward-thinking leaders. Our faculty, staff and students are from a wide range of educational, professional, and religious backgrounds, which helps to prepare the learner for successful engagement through education and social support.

The Academy of Holistic Theology & Spirituality represents a global and international community of learners. We utilize the latest technology available to create an online learning environment that is as socially enriching as it is academically comprehensive. We understand that the social bonds created within a cohort group are extremely important to success.

The professors at AHTS are religious professionals, working in the field, who understand the needs of ministers and church staff providing experienced mentorship for students throughout their program duration.  

Our Mission

To help students grow theologically, spiritually, and psychologically by providing the skills necessary to identify and design their own paths to success. To share a process of encountering the world in a dialogical way that promotes spirituality, wholeness, holism, integration, individuation, healing, and differentiation.

Our Educational Philosophy

We are here to support the students on their own path. We recognize that the student is more than a one-dimensional being. The student is really several integrated aspects that create their whole being. It is quite unlike other higher learning programs. Professors emphasize not only the academics behind our consciousness sciences, but also the experience of connection with the individual’s higher self and with those who travel a similar path.

Professor Erwin-Johnson

Our Vision

To create an educational environment that supports each student on their own path towards wholeness and to help each one discover a deeper understanding of his or her own educational and spiritual journeys.

Dr. Greaver holds a Doctorate of Psychology (Psy.D.) from the Graduate Theological Foundation (GTF) in Mishawaka, Indiana.


Ministry Defined

The Academy of Holistic Theology & Spirituality defines ministry as “the life path that is in service to others while in connection with one’s own understanding of the divine”. It is the path chosen that moves the individual to a deeper connection with others and a clearer understanding of the self.  Individuals involved in ministry are deeply committed to individual self-reflection and social responsibility. They are self-aware and nurturing. Ministry professionals are found in a variety of vocations and avocations such as music ministry, spiritual direction, health care, education, counseling, pastoral care, chaplaincy, religious education, church leadership, church administration, and other religious organizational positions, both professional and volunteer.

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